About Pakistan

As a developing Asian country, Pakistan has the potential of having one of the biggest economies of the 21st century. With a population of 220 million people it is the fifth most populous country in the world. Continuously increasing population also has a greater share of the under 15-years old population.

Although there is a developed health infrastructure, Pakistan has challenges in accessing health services due to several issues such as natural disasters and terror. Private health services are more developed in Pakistan than public health services. 40% of the hospitals are administered by the government whereas 60% of them are managed by voluntary institutions and the private sector.

Benefiting the Turkish experiences of the Ministry of Health, Pakistan Government who would like to make a huge process in the health sector targets to implement an extended implementation and improving program. 


Pakistan Economy

Pakistan is comprised of four federal region, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhaw, Punjab and Sindh. The capital city is Islamabad. The country that creates borders for India, China, Iran and Afghanistan can geographically be divided by Indus plateau in the Eastern Pakistan, mountains in North and Northwest, and Baluchistan plateau in the West.

Pakistan has the biggest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. With 220 million, it is also World’s 5th biggest country in the world in terms of population. Continuously increasing population’s one-third is comprised of under-15 population. Per capita income is about 1.500$. 

The growth index of Pakistan economy is located through the Indus River, Karachi, and big cities in Punjab. Lahore, as the capital city of Punjab, is the second largest city in Pakistan with a 13 million population and has a significant economic potential. 

BMI Research mentions Pakistan as the on of the 10 economies that focuses on production centers in 2016. 

YEAR Sektörde İlgili Ülkeye İhracatımız Miktar Quantity of Exports to the Related Country in the Sector Total Imports of the Related Country in the Sector Top 5 Countries in Total Imports of the Related Country in the Sector
2019 127 Million $ %1,79 11 Billion $ China, Japan, UAE, Thailand, Turkey
2018 137,5 Million $ %1,66 12 Billion $ China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, UAE
2017 134 Million $ %1,39 13 Billion $ China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, UAE
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