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Pakmedica Pakmedica Medical, Health and Cosmetics Exhibition and Forum will transform the amity between two countries into trade opportunities.

We invite all health sector representatives who want to witness and to be a part of the great transformation and development in health sector in Pakista to Pakmedica Exihibiton on 06-08  October 2022.

Our journey started in 2017 with more than 107 participating companies whose 62 of them are international companies, and visitors consisting of more than 3000 Pakistani health managers, industry representatives and doctors. We are now preparing to extend our event to the health sectors of all countries in the region besides Pakistan and Turkey.

PAKMEDICA Exhibition, which continues its preparations with the aim of making it with greater participation and richer content every year is postponed due to the elections and pandemic conditions. As in previous years, PAKMEDICA Exhibition, which received the patronage and encouragement of the government officials of two friendly and brotherly countries Pakistan and Turkey, in 2022; will be organized in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations.

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In 2017, 75% of the exhibitors stated that their expectations for the fair were met perfectly or close to perfection and they were satisfied with their participation. More than 70% of the visitors stated that their expectations were definitely met. In addition, 90% of the exhibitors and around 80% of the visitors said that the contribution of the fair to the industry is very important.
Event Place
Lahore International Expo Center
06.10.2022 - 08.10.2022
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